About Us

Golden Mean Landscapes offers full design/build services in Toronto and the GTA, from layout and planning to custom decks, fences, patios, lighting and planting.

What we do

Discerning homeowners, designers and landscape architects come to us to create beautiful landscape design in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We offer award-winning design/build services, from layout and planning to complete installation of landscape makeovers including custom decks, fences, sheds, pergolas, stone patios, irrigation, landscape lighting and planting. If you already have a plan from a landscape architect, we can manage all aspects of installing it. Our construction of this Cabbagetown retreat won a 2016 Award of Excellence from Landscape Ontario.

Any landscaping company in Toronto can build a deck. We build trust by treating your home as if it were our own. When you look outside, you’ll see professionals wearing uniforms arriving in clean trucks. You’ll receive real-time updates and photos so you know what’s happening on site even when you’re not at home. You’ll get creative ideas for maximizing your space and budget. At the end of each day, you’ll come home to a safe, tidy site. When we’re working on your property, we make it a priority until the job is done to your satisfaction. We were honoured that the Houzz community recognized our commitment to excellence with a 2017 Best of Houzz award for Customer Service.

We care about our work as much as you care about your home. It’s why we’ve never advertised: we’ve grown as a residential landscape company simply by doing great work for great people. When you’re ready to create your perfect retreat, please contact us.

Meet Darren Allen

For founder and owner Darren Allen, landscaping is a second career. After working successfully in pharmaceuticals, he took night courses in landscape design to indulge his passion for the outdoors. He left a six-figure salary to work as a labourer, starting at the bottom before launching his own firm in 2004. Golden Mean Landscapes has grown through Darren’s commitment to people and craftsmanship.

Why “Golden Mean”?

The golden mean is a math ratio that appears in nature, including the ideal number of petals on a flower or the pattern of branches on a tree. In other words, it’s the science of beauty. No wonder the ratio is often used to create perfect proportions in art and design. This harmony between form and function inspires our balanced approach to crafting beautiful and useful landscapes.